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Supply with quality products

Groupage is the core business of Agrigold. Within the same container, the team provides its customers with a variety of products, all certified as being of Tunisian origin. Agrigold offers import-export services, trading, brokerage (which consists in putting sellers in contact with potential buyers in order to facilitate the realization of the financial transaction), advice and supervision. To ensure a quality service, the team takes care of gathering the most reliable and qualified suppliers. It shares with them a durable relationship of trust. The goal is to guarantee a competitive price and impeccable quality. With Agrigold, you have the undeniable advantage of dealing with a single contact person who acts as an intermediary between the various suppliers and your company. This allows for short-term sales, with the aim of providing you with maximum flexibility. Agrigold's mission is to offer you an attractive product range at the lowest possible cost thanks to the groupage process.

Our vision

Agrigold is continually targeting a wider clientele. It is expanding its distribution network to countries in the Middle East (Syria), the EU (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy...), the Far East (China, Pakistan, Japan...) and Australia. The company's vision is to satisfy its customers by providing them with high quality products.

our services

Products at lower cost with the support of complementary services! H3 Import export

Import export

In full conformity with customer demand, Agrigold enables you to access the market more quickly and to achieve economies of scale by reducing your stocks.

Indeed, the company's team takes care of gathering the shipments of goods from several shippers, organizes and executes the routing of the batch (Tunisian food products), thus constituted by a carrier. Agrigold delivers tailor- made solutions that include all the essential functions involved in import-export: shipping, receiving, procurement, storage, transport (chartering, tracking, SME/third party relations...), customs (customs clearance, operations tracking, payment tracking...). The team coordinates between the various stakeholders and functions).


Agrigold is an international trade company that offers a trading service for the import and export of Tunisian- made food products.

With a perfect knowledge of the market, the team offers the purchase and sale of a variety of quality Tunisian products. It negotiates the import and export on an international scale. Favoring the satisfaction of its customers, Agrigold allows the import and the export by avoiding the risks, the inconveniences, as well as the difficulties related to this type of operation: logistics, customs, risk of payment... The trading service offered by the company<:p>

masters all the evolutions of the world market. Thanks to the efficiency and reliability of its services, Agrigold has become a part of the most famous foreign markets: Middle East, European Union, Far East, etc.


Agrigold will carry out all the formalities related to the clearance of incoming or outgoing shipments. The company also takes care of connecting sellers with potential buyers in order to facilitate financial transactions. Depending on the needs and requests of its clients, Agrigold provides a tailor-made agri-food brokerage service that handles all formalities related to the clearance of incoming or outgoing goods. Specialists in putting buyers and sellers in touch with each other at the service of importing and exporting companies.  

Consultancy and coaching

As import and export cannot be ad-libbed, Agrigold addresses companies and professionals and offers them a consultancy service for import and export.

Armed with its experience in international trade in the agri-food industry, the company's team can assist you with its advice in defining the mission and outsourcing. Agrigold performs a diagnostic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization. Then, it carries out a market and competitor study. In this way, the professionals will have a clear and precise idea of the appropriate export strategy to adopt. Agrigold also offers its support for prospecting, trading, etc